For the love of people dedicated to training their own service dog…




On September 1st, 2019 we lost our Goose.  He was an amazing dog who raised awareness and money for people with all types of disabilities.  Did you know a highly trained dog can:

* turn on the lights and wake someone from a nightmare

*detect low blood sugar levels

*assist someone during a seizure, laying across them to keep them safe and going to get help if needed

*interrupt bad behavior

*and so much more…

We didn’t!  Not until Goose.

During our time with him we learned the power of dogs and the tremendous power of service dogs.  We want to keep this going!  Shelly has become a national certified trainer/facilitator with Atlas Assistance Dogs.

Currently, we have an 18 month old chocolate lab in training and will soon be getting an 8 month old Golden.

Another thing we have learned along the way is that training a service dog is not a sprint – it’s a marathon and costs a lot of money.  To help offset training expenses we have founded For The Love of Goose.   You can follow the dogs we train on YouTube and For The of Goose Facebook page.

You can help us change a life by donating!