This is the last day of an RV “Rally” at the Elkhart 4H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana.  Today is day four. We will be pulling out in the morning and driving all of 35 miles to a local winery who allows RVs to stay overnight. The general rule for travel is 2-2-2. That means: drive no more than 200 miles, get into your camp before 2PM and stay 2 days. We are pretty good at the first two, but the staying two days is hard if you are bored! Sometimes you want to stay longer when commitments or cost dictate otherwise. We are finding this life to be different than boating, and enjoyable. It is much, much easier in many ways with a corresponding increase in cost.  We are able to cover a lot more ground, and it is easy enough to drop off the path to explore if desired […]

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