Abundance and Prosperity Attraction Made Simple

Abundance and Prosperity Attraction Made Simple

There is power in attracting abundance and prosperity.

There are millions of websites out there all with their own methods and techniques to use the law of attraction, so this will only be brief, and act as a no nonsense guide to some essentials you need to be doing to attract the abundance and prosperity that you deserve in life.

There are basic principles which all should considered in order to gain success with the Law of Attraction, and here are some key ones:


To find real success in attraction you should immerse yourself in it and make it a big part of your life. This is the primary essential principle – You need to do a lot of it, and change the way you live your life on a day to day basis.


The standard method of attracting prosperity, money and abundance is to think of it consciously in your everyday life, and the advice you will read everywhere is to use these positive affirmations on a daily basis. This is a very basic principle of attraction. When you repeat these affirmations day in, day out, then they will start to come into existence.

You will start to believe in the affirmation slowly, and the statements will become just part of who you are.


Visualization is a very powerful tool – it tricks the mind into believing the event has already happened, so much so that visualizing something is nearly as powerful as actually doing it – the near exact same emotions will be felt.

The important part here though is that whatever the mind thinks about and visualizes is what you will attract to yourself. Because you have already visualized yourself consistently with lots of money, with that new car, the new house etc then reality play “catch up” and brings to you more of the same – even though you technically have not experienced it.

Vision Board

A vision board is basically a board of various different images of the things you want to attract. So you could have helicopters on there, a picture of a mansion, pictures of money, swimming pools, cars, holidays etc

You will see your vision board every day, so thoughts of abundance will go through your mind on a regular basis even when you are not consciously repeating affirmations etc.

Make Changes As if It’s Happened Already

This means making the changes in your life as if the abundance you are seeking is already happening. For example if you met your ideal partner today would they have somewhere to sleep / to put their toothbrush etc? If not then make space for them – even go and get that new double bed. If you bought that dream car would you even have the space in your garage?

If you are not doing these things then it means there is a lack of belief somewhere deeper down. Imagine you were going to buy that dream car today, you would of spent the week cleaning the garage! So do it anyway!


Even the slightest subconscious hint of disbelief can hamper your success a lot, and even stop you from manifesting the things you want. We get more of what we think about so if even a part of you doesn’t believe you will be able to manifest anything, or doesn’t believe your efforts will work then this is exactly what will result!

Belief can be quite difficult to build upon, but you must just stay focused and see the positive in every situation. You can read about other people’s success to spur you on and keep you driven and focused.

Another way that you can enhance your belief is with the use of subliminal messages to reprogram your mind. Our subliminal attract money in abundance album will eliminate the deep rooted negative thoughts and disbelief in your subconscious mind so that your entire conscious mind and subconscious are working together as one – so you will be much more likely to attract the abundance you want – and much sooner too.