Create Your Life – Now More Than Ever

I have heard enough bad news in the last two days to last me a lifetime.

If we listen to the bad news bears the world is about to cave in on itself.

From my perspective it looks a bit different. We can only control our world – so that is where my focus lies.

At the horse stables in Atlanta, business is brisk. Although we are not getting as many calls for boarding as normal for this time of year, we are swamped with horse lesson, camp, and birthday pony party requests.

In the “Market Your Local Business” arena, more and more folks are beginning to realize the effectiveness and affordability of moving the majority of their marketing online – and they are using me to do it.

The point is this – do not let others tell you what your world looks like. Only you create your world. Granted you can choose to give that power to someone else – but what kind of life will they choose for you?

How hard will they work to make sure you have an amazing life?

Think hard about that and make the necessary changes you need – beginning today to create the world in which you live.