What Vision? What For?

What Vision? What For?

Did you know there are only two ways to get to an end result?

The first is to be pulled toward the result by being internally inspired. The other is to be pushed toward the result through internal or external motivation. There is a huge difference between motivation and inspiration. Few are inspired.

Think about which of these two ways makes for a better, easier to achieve result for you. Why do believe that? Which do you use?

If you want to complete some sort of goal with all your heart, how hard is it for you to overcome procrastination, fear and challenges to reach that goal?

What if you really do not care whether you get there or not? What if you are striving for someone else’s goal? How challenging is it to overcome procrastination, fear and challenges? Again – there is a huge difference in the two!

Having a clear vision of the end result is the most important step to success whether in business or personal growth. Vision brings inspiration. Stopping at the end of the day is hard, and you will want to begin as soon as possible in the morning. Procrastination disappears, fear falls away and challenges melt like butter!

Make it priority to define your vision. At least, create a short term vision to use until the longer term vision becomes more clear. Work with a partner or a coach to define your vision.

Business, relationships, even vacations should all begin with a vision. Vision is crucial to anything you want to do.

It is much easier to know the steps to take when the end result is clearly stated.