Change Your Life – 1 Decision At A Time

After a week of low temperatures in the 13-17 degree range we enjoyed a t-shirt day yesterday with the high of 65!

It seemed as if the sun was shining right down on me (it was!) and all the birds were singing. I could hear Spring coming and my spirits soared!

And then I thought “Why can’t every day be just like this?”

It can. All you have to do is choose it!

But why would you?

Think about this carefully. If every day was perfect – you would not know it as there would be no measurement. We must experience the 15 degree weather to appreciate fully the 65 degree days!

My thought for the day (before I head out for the 70 degrees today!) is to appreciate every day – no matter what it brings you.

Because gratitude brings amazing things to your life…

The Difference Between Finding Happiness and Being Happy

One of my readers asked me when I was going to find happiness myself!

What a surprise question that was! But I realized that I am not writing clearly enough. So let me make this more clear.

I am happy. Can I be more happy? Yes. Can I be less happy? Sure!

Overall I am happy. Much of this comes from gratitude. I am very, very grateful for what I have which includes a wonderful wife/partner and two boys, a beautiful place to live (a horse farm in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains), income sufficient to meet all obligations and then some, and so much more that I could continue to list.

The purpose of my blog is not to make me happy – it is to do my best to help others understand (if needed) how they can find happiness as well.

Don’t I look happy here?

Miami is happy!

Finding happiness is simply a matter of thinking differently. notice I did not say it was easy – just simple!