Two Weeks to Go – Then It’s Northbound Again!

Two Weeks to Go – Then It’s Northbound Again!

Updated-GOG-Header-FinalAfter two months of hard work, (and 6 months of preliminary planning), the golf fundraiser and the dog scavenger hunt we have been organizing is all coming together. It all starts Friday May 20 with a shotgun scramble tournament and ends around noon on Saturday when the dogs and their human families come back from their downtown Beaufort scavenger hunt.

We really do not know how many participants will be at either event because it seems no one likes to register until they know what they are doing that day, and what the weather will be. It’s very challenging to plan for events with unknown numbers of people!

All I can do is fall back on the old belief that it is perfect, and all will work out regardless of my emotional state of mind…

Then, on Saturday afternoon we are free until August when we have to be back in DC.

outerbanksWe are ready for some free time. We will likely head north and are talking about the outer banks of North Carolina. We have yet to take that path, and have only passed through in cars long ago. Sounds interesting. Then on up through the Chesapeake and north of Annapolis. We will see!

Photo-20160402194909571.jpgYume has been taking care of herself very nicely, allowing both Shelly and I to reach out to the Beaufort community for help with these events. There are a few lessons we have learned. One is that this county has over 1200 non profit that hold events year round so businesses are getting hammered for sponsorships, gifts and participants.

Another is since this is our first year, we have run into the ol’ “come back next year when you have proven yourself” line.

Another is that organizing events is hard work for two people. Throw in that we are not from here, and that we don’t have a car it really gets challenging. Well who said life should be easy anyway right?

People have been absolutely wonderful here. We could see ourselves living here under different circumstances.

Ryan – who turns 18 in July – has temporarily moved in with Grammy in Asheville for the unlimited internet, large refrigerator, flushing toilets and showers you can stand under and let run forever. What a wimp. He actually has a consulting gig making animations. Check out the animations on the YouTube channel named baccaman. He writes and creates all the animations you see on there – and gets paid good money to do it. We are very proud of him. And miss him of course.

Ian is finishing up his Air Force Loadmaster school and thinks he is being sent to Valdosta to work on the AF special ops C130 J planes. Ryan might go stay with him there.

008Goose is our hero, getting us in doors that might otherwise be a bit harder to open. We seem to giving two to three presentations every week now and are meeting lots of people.

That’s nice. But it just makes the 21st seem all that much sweeter when it will back to just Yume and the Philips and the water!

Let us know what’s happening out there in the word we left!