Create health in your life Exercise #4

And then he tells about Rite Four…
“Now for Rite Number Four,” said the Colonel. “The first time I tried this it seemed very difficult, but after a week it was as simple to do as any of the others.”
“Sit on the ‘prayer rug’ with the feet stretched out in front. Then place the hands alongside the body. Now raise the body and bend the knees so that the legs, from the knees down, are practically straight up and down. The arms, too, will be straight up and down while the body, from the shoulders to the knees, will be horizontal. Before pushing the body to a horizontal position, the chin should be well down on the chest. Then, as the body is raised, the head should be allowed to drop gently backward as far as it will go. Next, return to a sitting position and relax for a moment before repeating the procedure. When the body is pressed up to the complete horizontal position, tense every muscle in the body.” (more…)