They Call This Stuff News?

My background is self improvement.

One of my core beliefs and teachings is that we each create our own reality.

I am very concerned that many folks are allowing others to take this vital role away from them.

Although I have not had programmed TV in our house for over 17 years now, the ‘news’ still gets to me through the Internet, radio and conversations with others.

What bothers me is the  idea that we are all about to crash and burn.

And as I watch the savings of many people disappear in the stock market I have to wonder what the heck is going on!

I think we all need to take a very close look at what tribe we are part of!

In my tribe(s) which include my family tribe, business tribe, friends tribe, etc… – our world is pretty much the same as it has always been.

There is no one panicking that I am aware of. Are some of the members of our tribes going through challenges due to financial challenges? Of course – but that is always happening!

All of us are still doing our best to create our lives the best we can. We are making daily choices to the best of our ability. And most of the folks I know are figuring out ways to take best advantage of every opportunity that arises. And there are incredible opportunities in today’s world!

When you come across someone who seems to be part of the tribe that believes the world is ending – please point out to them they are creating their own reality.

As for me – that world I hear about on the news (it shouldn’t even be called news in my opinion) is not the world I live in. Nor would I want to!

What do you think?

If you feel strongly about this, please post a comment on the blog…