United Socialists States of America? Up to you…

United Socialists States of America? Up to you…

The biggest (by far) concern founders like James Madison and Benjamin Franklin had about our government was that the most important check on the institution would become inactive – and that the fringe elements of society would be able to take power. That check? We the people. Since 1904 when the ISS was formed in New York, the socialists minded fringe has been working steadily to get control of our government. They are very close.

Read “The 5000 Year Leap”, and read the book on the Federalists Papers to really understand how our country’s system of govt was built and why.

You will utterly amazed at how far we are from their intent – and how close we are to their fears.

Socialism was specifically mentioned as being anti-constitutional by our founders!

And when we have members of the people’s House stating publicly that Tea Party people want to see blacks hung from a tree – folks we are in serious trouble.

Either we wake up and wake our neighbors up out of their sleep walking – or we might well find ourselves in another internal war.

Hurricane Irene – and politics

Hurricane Irene – and politics

hurricane irene tea party led by the nose

Is this us?

I find myself guilty of secretly wishing a category 5 hurricane would come ashore and go right through DC and NY – if it would only take out Congress, the White House and the United Nations.

Oh – and the federal reserve.

Wait – don’t forget about the Departments of Education, Revenue, Homeland Security and Health and…

OK. I know I don’t really want this to happen.

(It would cost too much to clean up the mess!)

But I sure hope that the ‘hurricane’ of normal people (tea party inspired but not necessarily that alone) who are slowly waking to the realization that this is a government of the people, BY the people and for the people – that these people help others understand unless we all take a more active role in choosing the direction we want to go – then we will go where we are led – usually by the nose!

And being led by the nose is not a pretty site – as the last 100 years of American politics can attest!