Beaufort SC – Setting Up A Golf Fundraiser!

Well first off we sure could use some help figuring this golf fundraiser thing. We might have stepped in it this time!

If you know anyone in Beaufort – or anyone who might be interested in helping wounded veterans, or service dogs, check out this page and all the sponsor opportunities! (Hint – suggest your friends and family give the gift of a donation in your name to paws4vets this year!)

Check it out at or click here…

We took a bunch of videos on the trip down.

Roll the film!

First we were pleasantly surprised by a Christmas Boat Parade when we anchored for the night in Morehead City NC.

Then here we are coming down the Waccamaw River in the morning headed for Georgetown SC.

And visiting a really cool island just north of Charleston…

And last – coming into the Coosaw River just north of Beaufort earlier today!

We will hang around Beaufort iuntil Tuesday or Wednesday, then move on down to Savanna Ga to leave the boat, rent a car and go to Asheville for Christmas with the boys and Sally (Grammy) – then back to the boat with the boys for a week of sailing

2 thoughts on “Beaufort SC – Setting Up A Golf Fundraiser!”

  1. Hi
    Have other Irwin 41 owners had the same damper plate problems that seem to plague you.We met at peck lake and are longtime owners of an Irwin 41 and have never had a damper plate issue but after reading of your repeated damper plate replacement drills am considering buying a spare.Third time in two years might suggest another underlying issue.
    Best regards and hope to meet again.
    Greg Cook S/V Rachel

    1. Hi David,

      I just saw your comment on the blog. duh. Shows how much attention I am paying to it!

      I am thinking the damper issues is one of several possible issues.

      1. The engine sets up a strange vibration at a certain RPM. Maybe too fast? I have backed off running as hard as I used to.

      2. When I bought the boat the PO said he had wrapped a poly line around the shaft and ripped the strut and shaft right out of her. I wonder if maybe he torqued the transmission adapter plate to the engine bell housing plate a few thousandths? Enough to offset the trans to the flywheel maybe?

      Not a bad $125 spare to have though. I can swap it out now in abut 2 hours!

      BTW – HBW20 trans had developed a rear shaft seal leak over the last year and I found a guy who repowered in San Diego who sold me his used tranny for $200! Am putting that in this weekend and hoping that his works!

      Hope all is well! We are in Marathon with all with it seems like every dang boat on the east coast…

      Headed back to Beaufort SC by March to put on a golf fundraiser for service dogs..

      Hope we run into you again!

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