It is Cold. Time to Turn Back South!

If you follow anything we do you might have noticed we haven’t posted anything new. As an excuse, let me point to the fact we have attended over 50 events in Washington DC and surrounding areas raising funds for veterans with PTSD in need of a service dog.

We have also spent a great deal of time to help get the person and party elected that says they will do what is needed to correct some ‘mis-alignments’ in our government. Let us hope that they hold to those promises!

Now, with these successes on the record it is very exciting to be turning back south and getting back to the cruising life. We leave DC in a few days after a couple more events this week.

It is time.

4 thoughts on “It is Cold. Time to Turn Back South!”

  1. Selling the boat?? What’s next-hopefully another boat and more sailing adventures? Love hearing about your travels and the good things you’re doing.

    1. Well hi there! We don’t know what we will do if someone comes along and makes Yume their new home! We will cross that bridge (er go under it?) when we come to it! Thanks for the nice comments!

  2. Hey Shelly, Miami and GOOSE, it was great meeting and working with you this CFC campaign. We have enjoyed doing fund raising events with you and look forward to
    even a bigger and more successful campaign next year.

    Safe travels on our Nations water ways and we’ll see you next September.

    God Bless and take care

    Randy, Donna and MORGAN

    1. Thanks Randy! Really appreciate your help with the car! It was nice not to have to drive to Wilmington. we are just south of Mt Vernon at anchor with crabcakes on the stove and a rum in the hand. And it is sooooo quiet!

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