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Drug companies will spend 150-200 million dollars on advertising to convince people that the health plan is good.

What a joke. Please read the bill yourself and see if it is really what is best for all of us?

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  1. I have read the bill and the portions you have noted have been misinterpreted because they are taken out of context. If you’re going to comment (interpret) what sections are saying, please post that part verbatim along with it so one can see it for themselves. A copy of the bill is available online. I currently submit to having funds transferred electronically on a lot of my bills and carry an ID card for the insurance company/plan I currently have. You make it sound like this is something new or forced. If one decides to use the National plan they would carry an ID card as well; and have the option of electronic means for their information and paying their co-pays and other items. I pray more people will study for themselves rather than relying on and believing in another person’s word or interpretation.

    1. Rev. Michael.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment and link. I have read the one bill I could find… and I would hope you would agree with me that if content is posted that stirs people to become passionate and get involved in the process – (by becoming informed – this is a good thing.

      My biggest concern is we are making something that has problems infinitely worse by giving the gov’t control of it. Social security is broken, medicare is broken, Medicaid is broken, the govt cannot run the Veterans Administration health care properly – so how are we to expect them to be able to do any better with our health care?

      Thanks again for your input.

      Coach Miami

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