What if I told you your whole life has been training you to be unhappy?

See if this makes sense to you.

Since you were born, every commercial and advertisement you have seen, plus social pressure has mandated the following formula (which I believe to be not only wrong but has brought us to the mess we are in)

1. DO something in your life that will make you as much money as possible so you can…

2. HAVE lots of stuff. (cars, houses, clothes, friends etc) because when you have this stuff you will look like those people in the commercials and advertisements and you will…

3. BE somebody! You will BE happy, and have a great body, life, relationship, whatever.

What this has done is drive us into serious, debilitating debt, greed, jealousy etc. It has driven us away from the value system this country was built upon.

Here is the true formula to follow…

1. BE who you are. Invest the time to learn about you – and be joyful in exactly who that is. Under no circumstances attempt to be somebody else. It never works.

2. DO what you love to do. Not only are you investing your whole life into this – you are responsible for accomplishing things in this world only you can do – so do them!

3. HAVE what you need. The universe has always supplied what we need. It will continue to do so. Especially if you are being who you are and doing what you love!

Disagree or agree? And how are will you accomplish this?