Daniel Fienberg intervied some of the actors from the movie “Hollywoodland” (which is about the actor playing TV Superman in 1959).

There are some very interesting comments like this one from the actor who plays the detective investigating the apparent suicide of George Reeves.

“Most people are under the impression that if they only had more of something, that would fulfill them and it’s usually not the case and you don’t know that until you reach that goal,” the Oscar winner says. “I’m fortunate, personally, to know kind of both. I mean that sincerely. I know what it’s like to be a struggling actor. I know what it’s like to be really successful and have a level of fame and the advantages of that and the pitfalls that come with that. In knowing both sides, I feel like I need less now.”

‘Hollywoodland’ Stars Reflect on Fame and Happiness – Lane, Affleck and Brody talk about the realities of celebrity – Zap2it

Notice he said “I need less now” . Once we all get to the point where we need less now you are on the BeDoHave path.

Work on less doing to be somebody and more on the being who you are.


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