How important is happiness to you?

When I wrote the book BeDoHave in 2002, I believed happiness was found through defining and creating success for us as individuals. The book lays out the steps I use to help clients find happiness so as a reader you could do the same.
(it’s available at

I have since learned there is one crucial element not covered sufficiently well in the book because I simply wasn’t as aware of it as I am now. That is relationships. I said then being happy was not about acquiring or having. In fact happiness is much more about sharing and giving.

Not only is personal happiness and success built around relationships with others but so is business success. Try doing business by yourself sometime. That is a challenge!

As a person who tends to stay at home, and away from the places most opportune to meet people, I have limited my ability to create and maintain relationships to maximize both personal and business growth needs. Realizing this, I have lately been taking advantage of opportunities to get out and meet others.

But how do I build and maintain a relationship begun in this manner?

Earlier this year I was introduced to a simple online system that beautifully solves this dilemma for me.

On Tuesday July 17 at 730 pm EST you are invited to join in on a conference call where I will share with you one way I have learned to improve happiness. Both personal happiness in everyday giving and business happiness in how to build and maintain relationships in a very simple and inexpensive manner taking less that ten minutes a day of your time or an assistants’ time.

Mark your calendar now! The phone number to call is 1-218-486-1300 and the access is 298866. You will want to be in front of your computer (and on the internet) for this one hour sharing.

See you then!


p.s. I am working hard to get a very special guest on the call.
I’ll know for sure in the next several weeks.

pps This whole line of thinking has greatly influenced my future plans. Over the next few months I am making drastic changes in all aspects of my life, leading to a very special and exciting event for us in late fall this year or early next year. Interested in happiness? You will absolutely benefit from following this journey!