This painting done by Shelly's father, now hangs in Yume. He painted it from a picture taken of our then new puppy Goose and I visiting Hilton Head Island two years ago.

We are back on the boat after driving 1500 miles and sitting in the car for 24 hours. At least it was a nice brand new Charger and we looked like state troopers running down the road!

Our visit to NC was bittersweet as we said goodbye to a wonderful man and father, but got to spend time with family. This is the third painting we have of Wayne's, and it is a very nice way to easily remember him often.

We sneaked this picture in at the service, (selfies are all the rage) after noticing the porcelain baby Jesus in the little manger scene was missing an arm. We thought that was pretty funny and helped amidst all the tears.

This morning we leave this private dock to go back to Riverbend Marina here in Ft Lauderdale. The two major goals are to haul and paint the bottom and boot stripe, and to replace the generator motor mounts, clean up the plumbing and wiring around the motor and bilge and then reinstall the generator.

Both of these are fairly major tasks. We hope to in and out of the yard in less that a week. We reserved a room at the motel 6 withing bicycle distance, and hope the weather stays sunny and warm!

After that we are really ready for some down time and might be heading further south for the keys. After all, isn't that what this is all about?

It was very nice to be back where we sleep with all the hatches and ports open, and the dress of the day is flip flops, shorts and tshirts!