I wrote the book BeDoHave – The Cure the Great Unknown American Epidemic almost three years ago now. Thousands have heard the message contained within and have told me it works for them.

Over the winter I found myself falling back on Doing Having Being! And my life changed dramatically – for the worse!

Once I saw what I was doing and changed it back to Being first – it took a very short time to restore the equilibrium I need in my life. My energy returned, my happiness level soared back to previous level.

(Hang on – there is a point to this story!)

If you have read much of my articles over the last five years, you are aware Shelly and I built a sailboat to live on for six years. I loved it. We decided when our first son was 5 to come back from the Carribbean, sell the boat and make lots of money.

That was about ten years ago. Now that son is 15 and the next one is 8. We have made lots of money. What we kept is another story. Along the way we fulfilled another dream which was to build a successful horse farm.

It is hard work. One of the things that gets put aside all too often is time with the family.

Last month we came to the conclusion that since Ian would be going out on his own in a few short years we didn’t have much time left to spend as a family. We really wanted to do a lot more traveling together.

So we have decided to do exactly that.

By Spring 2008 we will have figured out whether to go by boat or RV, divested ourselves of as much stuff as possible, created different kinds of income streams and go.

How will we do this? I don’t know yet and it really does not matter.

If we Be who we are, and Do what we love the Universe will help in amazing ways to allow us to Have what we need.

It always has.

Want to go with us? I am sure you will have that opportunity – by blog anyway!


Don’t worry. Be happy.


ps – Did I tell you about www.supersuccessfulkids.com? Send me your stories of parenting and your kids – or better yet go on over there and post them on the blog yourself!