A salt and pepper shaker combo on our table started a conversation you might find interesting.

Shelly and I have found that gratitude is amazing experience. Being grateful for everything you have creates more to be grateful for!

Our conversation turned to the people who have made such a difference to us, and have played their very crucial role to allow us to live a life we are so very blessed to enjoy. 

(As we are in Islamorada in the Florida Keys camped next to a banana tree on the ocean side watching the sun set in a balmy 71 degrees!)

One of the people who came to mind was Michael Moore in Atlanta. Without Michael, we might not have been able to financially finish building High Country Stables. Michael was so supportive and helpful in several endeavors during our time in Atlanta, as well as being almost an uncle to the boys as they became Eagle Scouts and young men. Thanks Michael!

Rick and Mary Grubb also played instrumental parts in our lives in Atlanta. Without Rick there might not have been a farm at all. He supplied all the slate and literally tons of chicken manure fertilizer to help make our rings, roads, stables, and pastures a reality. And he was a great friend. Thanks Rick and Mary! (And we sure hope you are spending time in HHI!)

David Bates has become a friend while helping us along our rv travels. We are praying for the best outcome with his health challenges. David introduced us to his brother Paul here in the Keys and we are super grateful for both of these wonderful people.

Tim and Liz Tate out in Red River New Mexico took us in and made us feel very welcome and wanted for our winter out there. We surely hope to see them soon.

David White came into our lives and has helped us in ways hard to understand. (But Dave does!)

And those shakers are the coolest thing. When we were sailing, salt always soaked up the salt air and required lots of rice to stay fresh. Our good friend Dr Angel Tribuno gifted us these cool shakers that have collapsible lids to keep moisture out. She was also there for us our whole time in Atlanta as our Chiropractor and medical guru as we were rising two boys. Friends like Angel are very hard to come by.

There are so many more like Wade and Nickie, Joe and Sue and so many more.  Including of course our boys who have made our life so fulfilling.

We are so very grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you!

And that is our update for today. Be grateful. It opens gates you would never believe possible.

We are working on our next travel update. Yes we are still traveling!