A wise person once said, it is far more important that you are a person who is becoming, then, what you are earning. Meaning that a person should work toward becoming wealthy, not for the money, but because of who they will become in achieving the goal.

American Chronicle: 7 Tips To Finding Online Home Business Success & Happiness

This article from the American Chronicle online by Honor Hart presents similar ideas to what you have read from me over the years. After all there is not much new in the world is there?

What is new is what people do with it!

I have been very busy this last week. There was a phenomenal weekend conference on search engine optimization and converting web visitors in Atlanta. You would not believe the energy of 500 people in a room all working hard to take advantage of this Internet boom. Very exciting!

Here is something I heard this weekend that might help you.

One of the speakers was talking about the challenge many of us (especially me) have of staying focused on one project.

For instance you might have three different projects going in at the same time. Maybe you are writing a book, or building a website, or a garden or whatever…

Our challenge is maintaining focus on one project to be able to being it to a close and reap the rewards (whatever that might be!)

Try this: Buy a countdown timer – one that shows time counting down. Set aside the same times every day twice to four times a day and set your timer for 48 minutes at a time. Turn everything off but what you are working on. No email, no phones, no interruptions at all. Just do it.

You will find your output to be incredible. Do it two to four times a day and you will reaping rewards a lot sooner than you would believe!

Hope this helps.

Help me spread the word about this new blog please! FYI I am using this technique to put the finishing touches on my new project to be unveiled soon!

Don’t worry! Be happy!

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