Did you see the movie Field of Dreams? If not, you should go get it!

The story involves a family in the midwest who cut down their corn crop, almost lose the house to the bank, lose all their friends – all to build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere because of a vision the father has.

Of course, in the movie, the end is – well I guess you should see the movie! HA!

The most important idea that came out of the teleclass last night on making your business grow was a principle that is simple in theory, possibly difficult in practice and similar to this movie – build it and they will come..

To attract the type of people into your business that you need to create the vision you have (no matter the type of business), you must have those character traits yourself. This means it is as important to become the best person you can be as it is to look for that in others.

People want to associate with others that are living their life to the fullest. Are you?

As you work on your own life, (which by the way, costs little and you have complete control of), begin to build relationships with people. Choose these people carefully. As you build these relationships by giving without expecting in return,sharing yourself and what you have, making yourself valuable to them, you will find this good will being returned to you.

Carefully choose your partners for your business from a select group of relationships you cultivate. This process cannot be hurried, and there is no shortcut.

Try a new mindset. Take your time and build it right. Build yourself first. Work on your thoughts and attitudes. Constantly strive to improve and grow. As you do, you will meet others who want to do the same or appreciate what you are doing and will want to join you.

Build relationships with people who make you feel good just to be around them. They will build your circle of influence.

I promise!

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