My friend (and provider of my favorite spice!) asks this question…

Will I be able to send stuff to your next port call from time to time? I’ve never considered the logistics of a nomadic naval lifestyle.

Good question sir! Especially when we need that spice for the fresh tuna we have on the grill in some far off cove on a perfect beach in the clear tropical night with a some fruit based libation in hand!

Actually, 90% of the time we are either anchored or at a dock somewhere.

The time we move from place to place is fairly minimal – that is unless and until we have enough resources (money) to be able to pay traveling fees like  customs,  immigration etc- the taxes each country demands from travelers on ‘rich’ boats. Usually we have an address with someone who will package and forward all mail somewhere ahead of us.
Of course in today’s world most mail is electronic and the mailing part is usually things like parts and spice!

When I get to it – we will have a link to favorite products – and the  first one will be