If I believe in the natural laws of the Universe (as I should), there are several to keep in mind as I go about my business of finding happiness on a daily basis while ensuring a good life for myself and my family.

Among some of the laws I pay attention to are the 80/20 rule,  the law of attraction and the law of equal but opposite actions.

April 15 is a good example of the law of equal but opposite actions. Another way to look at this law is to define it as challenges and opportunities. If for every action there is an equal but opposite action, then for every challenge there is an equal but opposite opportunity.

Does this sound familiar?

Somehow I have blessed with the ability to search for the opportunity long before I see something as a challenge.

In fact, challenges excite me as I know what is coming is in all probability an opportunity to achieve a wish, want or goal. I can get excited simply by thinking that the Universe is sending me this opportunity to learn, gain or help in some way with outcomes I had never even considered!

However, when it comes right down to it, isn’t this all about choice? Each of us has the choice to decide whether something is an opportunity or a challenge. Is the glass half full or half empty?

On April 15, we all have the opportunity to feed the goose that lays the golden eggs. We live in the most incredible land of opportunity in the world and we must support that land.

Is the goose too fat? Certainly. Does the goose eat too much. Absolutely.

As Jim Rohn says “Better a fat goose than no goose at all!”

Don’t worry. Be happy.


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