Last post I was down. Now I am on the way back up. It feels SO good to be going up.

Remember I said the cool thing about being down is the relativity of being up. It is so true. I think also that being down brings with it a consciousness all it’s own of “why am I down” and “what can I/will I/must I do about it?”

From those thoughts come actions. Conscious thinking always brings actions.

This morning I spoke for a hour to 500 high school freshman and their teachers about the power of conscious choice and the affect choice has on your life. Not much affect I told them except that choices create your life.

Which made me think how I might be creating mine.

Actually I work fairly hard at being conscious (I do write it about a lot after all) so sometimes when things are not appearing to go as I would like, I wonder how well I am doing?

Does this happen to you? Leave a comment and let others know…

Sort of – what the????

I have to think my little gremlin is whispering in my ear. “Miami all this crap about creating your life is just that. Look at how much work you have put into it. Look at how much time you have spent. Look at the money you have wasted. Why bother? Let’s just go kick back and take it easy!”

When I hear that voice, I know without a doubt I am on the right path.

If my gremlin is uncomfortable I am getting close to keeping my spirit happy.

I am close to Being who I am.


What a great formula! Have you bought the book yet?

I have some left you know. I guess I should have a sales page up for it!

Add to the todo list!

Don’t worry – be happy!

p.s. I keep mentioning this project I am working on and now I am beginning to get emails from folks wanting to know what it is. I can’t tell yet – but you will be the first to know I promise!

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