It is amazing how the Universe twists and turns our lives. Not to say that we are at the whim of some powerful being that plays with us, but then again maybe we are…
One of the age lessons both Shelly and I have hopefully come to understand is that when things happen there is a reson for it and it is best to embrace, cherish and work with it.
So I am back working.
On the morning we were prepared to leave the harbor, with charts laid out, the boat ready for sea, and everyone all excited about new adventures; we rode up to the grocery stor for last minute milk etc.
I had never noticed a little marine services shop across the street, so we stopped in to ask if he knew anyone who might want to buy our old radar and walked out ten minutes later having been offered temporary (a moth or two) work to substitute for a technician who was leaving for a delivery to Maine.
Going through the grocery store was a torment as the very last thing I wanted was a job – much less to stay in Marathon even as nice as it is.
But when the Universe speaks…
So here we are and every morning I get my tool bag and bicycle off to work on other people’s boats.
Our goal is to make use of the contact to upgrade the refrigeration, batteries and a couple of other projects in this time.
Now we are reconciled with a delay in our plans, and excited about the possibility of being that much closer to a self sufficient (not so dependent on the generator) home.
The projects continue while I am at work and on the weekends!
Most of the canvas in complete. The dodger (protects the cockpit and companionway from spray and wind) has been rebuilt. Shelly did an awesome job and even added a sharp, eye catching blue trim!

And a new bike bag…

This image looked much nicer in person showing the new sail overs and dodger!

Now we work our way around the boat to change the last of the burgundy paint to blue. The paint stripe at the deck level is called the sheer stripe, and the starboard side is now blue while the port side remains burgundy…

The yellow circle on the transom will have the Japanese lettering for Yume painted soon! Then, someday that same yellow will be used for a thin stripe just above the waterline blue. That must wait until we haul out again.

Anyone notice that Yume seems to be listing a bit to starboard (to the right)? That is because the port fuel tank and the port water tank is empty. You can really feel it when inside the boat and gets fixed quickly when it happens!

Shelly is working hard to keep up with our internet work, learning more about website management than she really wants. She is helping keep up all our customers sites as well as the paws4people foundation work.


Ryan is becoming famous (as he continually tells us he will) in his online world, having now created revenue for himself with his animations. I say – go for it!

You can see what he is doing here.

Saturday nights are fun as we join other boaters in the harbor dockside for a potluck and a jam session of local boater musicians. The crowd is very attentive and appreciative – besides being our age and older they know all the songs!

That is all the updates for the week from paradise. It is funny how things change. We are promising ourselves to try and take some time on the weekends to get the boat out of the harbor and enjoy the Keys some.

And Goose is ready to go in.