You know how grown kids are moving back with their parents to save money (or whatever)?

Well, Shelly and I moved in with Ryan!

More changes!

We sold the RV, bought a house and some wooded acres on a small mountain in Georgia in March.

Yep, things are different than in February when it was -48 in Minnesota!

This update is in July and to provide some sort of feeble excuse for the almost 6 month interlude let’s list  some of what we have accomplished in the 3 1/2 months we have been here!

  • Moved from the RV into a house – repaired body damage and roof damage from the winter, cleaned up and sold the RV
  • Moved Ryan from his home and into the house
  • Cleaned up 10 years of growth around the house including removing many trees. (video about dropping a tree on the house here)
  • Bought and assembled a bandsaw sawmill. We have cut up enough lumber so far to build a chicken coop, an addition for the shed, and enough to rebuild the large front porch. (Video about sawmill here)
  • Cleared the forest, fenced and planted a garden. Tomatoes are tasting good! (video about tilling here)
  • Built a chicken coop and chicken tunnels around the garden, now occupied by 5 chickens. We already lost two to the neighbors dogs and one to not being able to get an egg out! (video about chickens here)
  • Designed and installed an irrigation system from the pond. Video coming!
  • Added a 10 x 14′ extension to the existing 10×16 workshop. Video coming!
  • and more…

Shelly and I are finding this life so very different than our last 10 years on the road. We now have to walk much more just to fix dinner! And walking back to the bedroom and back makes us want roller skates!

Of course, the work involved in setting up a new (to us) house and personalizing it is tremendous.

We created a new channel on youtube and are posting these videos on that channel. You can find it by typing in back to basics tewtiy.  A new video goes up there every Friday and Sunday morning. Most of the 20K subscribers (and comments) at the moment are from Ryan’s Tewtiy gaming channel but we hope to expand our audience to people like you – so please share the videos if you like them?

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Many have been with us through the different “phases” of our life including 10 years of High Country Stables, the sailing for 5 years on YUME, then the four years traveling on the Airstream, and two fifth wheel RVs. We hope you stay with us as we build a place where we are as self sufficient as possible, as safe as possible from the craziness in the current world and a place we call home.

We created this video for you as walk down memory lane with Ryan to get us here.

We are very blessed to be able to share life with one son, (the other is still in the Air Force), and plan for the future together.  There are really huge ideas to be fleshed out and manifested into reality.

Let the fun begin.