Creating happiness in your life can depend a lot on your confidence level. Your confidence level is directly tied to your feelings and the way you think.

Here are a few ideas to help you develop confidence (followed by happiness and success)

1. Remember a time when you felt calm and relaxed and do you best to relive that time in your mind.

2. Remember a very positive experience you have had in your life. It would help if you wrote it down and posted it where you could see it.

3. When were you super successful at something? Write it down and remember the feeling.

4. What positive trait do you have or one that others have said you have? 

5. Remember a time when you felt strong and confident. Write it down.

6. Imagine yourself saying something positive to someone or actually doing something nice for someone. (Of course you could always go and do it!)

7. Think of something you could do for self improvement today. Now go and do it!

Action is the key. Remembering, writing it down and doing it!


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Don’t worry – be happy!