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It is harder to post now, as we are sort of settled in and it feels like nothing is happening. We have our routine now for Boot Key. Work on computers from 0630 to 0830 or so. We run the generator during this time, make some breakfast, and start the day.

In with Goose by 0900 or so, fill the water jugs to bring back to the boat, and off to work at a friends if there are thindpgs to do. Otherwise it is softball, or some other activity, then back to the boat for chores and tasks. By 1600 Goose is looking longingly at the shore so it is back in (with the water jugs), maybe the shower gear if we feel grungy enough, check for mail, and back out to the boat. Pull up the dinghy (to stop growth on the bottom and protect it from theft), start the genny for the night charge and run the refrigeration plus hot water heaters think about dinner and make a rum to watch the sun go down. Couple more hours on the computers and it is time to turn in and read.

Life is good.

We keep on working on Yume. Slowly but surely (after all why hurry?) tasks get completed. We have been experimenting with gel coat colors to match the hull as we scrape off the old nasty paint.

Shelly has 6-8 coats of varnish on almost all the outside teak, and has started on the inside.

The smell from the heads finally reached the overwhelming point and I removed the aft black water (waste) tank and found the original vent hose kinked which would surely cause the smell. Now with a nice clean tank, new lines and vent hose all is well.

We ordered all the canvas for the boat yesterday and can't wait to start sewing new sail covers, bike bags, awnings, and other misc stuff in blue – to match that pretty paint Shelly is working on.

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday is softball at the park with Ryan being the youngest (by about 40 years!) and me being second youngest. These guys know how to play ball and it is a ton of fun.

This weekend is the Seafood Festival here in Marathon. It is supposed to be the 2nd largest in the US. They are setting it up right where we walk Goose… So we will run over in the morning and let you know how the Florida lobsters are. Hehe

Although this pic shows how beautiful it is at sunset, yesterday was quite different.

Last cold front came though about 4pm with huge, black, ominous looking clouds and a sharp drop in temperature. The winds and rain howled all last night and we were grateful to be on a mooring and not worrying about dragging an anchor. There are parts of awnings in the trash from vendors who set up for the festival yesterday, didn't listen to the weather and came back today to find their awnings blown all the way across the field.

Today it is still blowing fairly hard out of the NW but is forecast to clock to the NE for the festival tomorrow.

Today we cleaned out some lockers that holds the winter clothes. It feels funny to hold long sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters and long johns, but we know we will need them sometime somewhere.

Right now we only use shorts, tshirts and flip flops! And that is the news from Yume!

Gooser says come play on the skateboard park!