Are you afraid of death? I guess a lot of people are. There are  lot of things people are afraid of – poverty, criticism, illness etc – but death ranks up there pretty high.

Here is the cure. Die a lot.

If you think about it, we die every second. The past is dead isn’t it? (Well it should be anyway!) The cool thing is each of us has the ability to create our lives all the time so dying should be a great opportunity to let go the past and create something new. A better, different, exciting future!

You see, if you did not know it you and I have that power. It is a power given only to us humans. We can create whatever we want. Not only that but we have been given the tools to understand and apply in a step by step method.

They are all around us!  

So my suggestion is celebrate death every possible second while realizing we can never really die, it is just that we are letting go all the stuff we don’t need any more to make room for the new!

I’m excited!