Freshly finished woodwork aboard Yume

new finish aboard yume

It has been a busy last several days as parts are delivered daily, more things torn apart to be fixed, pieces of wet varnished wood everywhere drying and a deadline to leave looming.

repairs aboard yume

The new counter top in the aft head has four coats of varnish and was put in yesterday for the last coat before the ugly weather due today. All the teak trim looks beautiful and this will be assembled by end of day today!

Of course we found another small leak yesterday behind that boxy looking fiberglass above the top which holds the two propane tanks in the deck topside that had to be found and fixed.

sailboat tool chest

My mechanic friends will appreciate how pleased I am with being organized. Tools in easy to reach places, shelves where they are needed, hardware sorted and organized, and everything neat and properly stowed for sea and work.

a captains treasure chest

Another issue that popped up was when we started the air conditioning system the first time on Monday and heard a loud grinding noise that said you have problems! The sea water pump that cools the system had to be removed, taken out to the dock and disassembled. The pump was having none of that and after about an hours of using every trick I knew I took it to Savannah and paid someone $90 to get it apart only to find out it is only useful as an anchor.

new pump aboard yume

It only took one day and $235 to get this new replacement that is half the size, very quiet and fits in perfectly. The old pump took up the whole bottom of the shelf and was a huge bronze monster. The heat is appreciated this morning as old man winter is howling outside! That shiny thing to the right of the red pump is a sea water strainer. Of course it had to be taken out and serviced too!

Late yesterday we got the faulty oil pressure gauge at the helm replaced so I know the engine has oil pressure , and a backup mechanical gauge in the engine room. I am tickled pink, and as soon as I get a diode in the alternator ignition wire to work correctly we will be ready for sea trials.

We plan on dropping and raising the anchors a few times here at the dock to test the systems and teach Ryan how to do this very important job. We’ll run the engine a lot today at the dock.

storage everywhere aboard yume

We also built a nice long shelf for Shelly in the galley over the freezer/fridge that goes in today. That’s the shelf drying under her new food storage netting.

And last but not least, we sold our last vehicle yesterday, our favorite ever vehicle the red f250 which has been with us almost the whole High Country Stables journey. Our boys grew up traveling in this truck, and many young Shelly proteges rode to horse shows in this truck. We are super happy to sell as it replenishes our cruising kitty, but we are now vehicle-less. No insurance, no stopping for gas, no auto repairs, and if we want something from the store we must ride our foldable bikes, walk, or beg, borrow, steal or rent a vehicle!

pay for boat parts

Fine with me!

Our congratulations and best wishes to our niece Kim who woke up this morning a married woman! So sorry we could not make it, and offer you and Tim a berth when you are ready to come visit. Pre kids that is 😉