This is last of the five exercises I do most days. My goal is to do them first thing before I get sidetracked… Just remember – this is a habit to be formed and might be challenging at first but keep at it!

And then he tells about Rite Five…
“The best way to perform this Rite is to place the hands on the floor about two feet apart. Then, with the legs stretched out to the rear with the feet also about two feet apart, push the body, and especially the hips, up as far as possible, rising on the toes and hands. At the same time the head should be brought so far down that the chin comes up against the chest.”

“Next, allow the body to come slowly down to a ‘sagging’ position. Bring the head up, causing it to be drawn as far back as possible. After a few weeks, that is after you become quite proficient in this movement, let the body drop from its highest position to a point almost but not quite touching the floor. The muscles should be tensed for a moment when the body is at the highest point, and again at the lowest point. Before the end of the first week this particular Rite will be one of the easiest ones to perform for the average person.”

“”Everywhere I go,” went on the Colonel, “folks, at first, call these Rites physical culture exercises. I would like to make it clearly understood that these are not physical culture exercises at all. They are only performed a few times a day; so few times that they could not possibly be of any value as physical culture movements. What the Rites actually do is this: They start the seven Vortexes spinning at a normal rate of speed; at the speed which is normal for, say, a young, strong, robust, virile man of twenty-five years of age.”

“Now in such a person the Vortexes are all spinning normally at the same rate of speed. On the other hand, if you could view the seven Vortexes of the average middle aged man-weak, unhealthy, and semi-virile, as he is-you would notice at once that some of the Vortexes had greatly slowed down in their spinning movement; and worse still, all were spinning at a different rate of speed-none of them working together in harmony. The slower ones allowed that part of the body which they govern to degenerate, deteriorate, and become diseased. The faster ones, spinning at a much greater speed, would have caused nervousness and nerve exhaustion. All of them making the individual anything but a real man.”

“The only difference between youth and virility, and old age and senility, is simply the difference in the rate of speed at which the Vortexes are spinning. Normalize the different speeds, and the old man becomes a new man again.”

There is a sixth rite…but you are not ready for it!

Try it for at least 10 weeks!