And we continue with the five Fountain Of Youth Exercises from the book of the same name…

The Colonel tells how to do Rite Three

self improvement health exercises

self improvement health exercises

“The third Rite should be practiced immediately after practicing Rite Number Two. It, too, is a very simple one. All one needs to do is to kneel on his ‘prayer rug,’ place his hands on his thighs, and lean forward as far as possible with the head inclined so that the chin rests on the chest. Now lean backward as far as possible; at the same time the head should be lifted and thrown back as far as it will go. Then bring the head up along with the body. Lean forward again and start the rite all over. This Rite is very effective in speeding up Vortexes E, D, and C; especially E.”

“I have seen more than 200 Lamas perform this Rite together. In order to turn their attention within, they closed their eyes. In this way they would not become confused by what others were doing and thus have their attention diverted.”

“The Lamas, more than two and a half millenniums ago, discovered that all good things come from within. They discovered that every worthwhile thing must have its origin within the individual. This is something that the Occidental has never been able to understand and comprehend. He thinks, as I did, that all worthwhile things must come from the outside world. “The Lamas, especially those at this particular Lamasery, are performing a great work for the world. It is performed, however, on the astral plane. This plane, from which they assist mankind in all quarters of the globe, is high enough above the vibrations of the world to be a powerful focal point where much can be accomplished with little loss of effort.”

“Some day the world will awaken in amazement to what the unseen forces-the Forces of Good-have been doing for the masses. We who take ourselves in hand and make new creatures of ourselves in every imaginable way, each is doing a marvelous work for mankind everywhere. Already the efforts of these advanced individuals are being welded together into One Irresistible Power. A new day is dawning for the world-it is already here. But it is only through individuals like the Lamas, and you and me that the world can possibly be helped.”

“Most of mankind, and that includes those in the most enlightened countries, like America and England, is still in the darkest of the Dark Ages. However, they are being prepared for better and more glorious things, and as fast as they can be initiated into the higher life, just that fast will the world be made a better place in which to live.”