Our thoughts now turn to leaving. This means changing the way we think about things like stores.

We have been very spoiled to have Home Depot just a couple of blocks away and a Publix grocery not much further. An easy bike ride and walk.

This is not normal in the cruising world.

Sometimes we will have to bike five miles for milk! And Home Depot? Good luck with that.

In addition, we have had the marina to ship things we order – like Amazon.

All that goes away this Saturday. We will not have an address to ship to until probably Wilmington NC – at least a month away.

So we are trying to look ahead and get er done now.

Today we got our new flooring. And we got it installed. How cool to have floors again.

What do you think?








This stuff is perfect for is right now. It is foam puzzle pieces with a wood grain finish. Soft on the feet, has some texture so it is not slippery, and is very inexpensive and easy to put down.

I ordered another thermostat for the refrigerator. The thermostat for the freezer is working well and keeping things down around – 8 degrees Celsius. Not quite freezing ice cream, but definately ice.

Now I need to get the milk cold for the cereal. That is the metric. Cold milk for cereal.

Tomorrow, our friend Dr Tribuno lends us her car to take Sam and Ryan to the airport in Key West for Ryan’s first plane ride. They head back to Atlanta until we pick him up in Ft Lauderdale on June 9.

It will be just Shelly and I until then. I am really looking forward to it. I think Shelly is already having empty nest syndrome.

No one has come to visit and stay, except Sam. Funny how everyone said we had better make room. I guess it is easier to want to get away than do it…

We sure are glad to be away.

But we still miss our friends. Y’all come, hear?

Goose has enjoyed having Sam around!