Putting up a first sail on Yume

first sail on yume

We put up a sail today. This is a big deal! Had the boat a month and finally got to go out. Not far, no wind, but nothing bad happened either!

We did discover that the chart plotter would not come on ( found out later some idiot hooked the power wire to the gauge light switch), and that the knot meter did not work ( Ryan learned how to take it out while in the water and clean it), and we learned that the genoa unfurls and furs quite nicely.

She ran a bit slow but methinks the beard and barnacle on the bottom have a lot to do with that. The revs were running very high as well but that could be dirty bottom and/ or wrong size prop. I would not be surprised if the prop were incorrectly sized at all.

A diver is coming this weekend to clean the bottom, check the zincs and the prop…

yume's happy captain

After a nasty couple of days, Thanksgiving started cold (ice on the dock) but once the sun came up it was a glorious day. We started looking for the leaks (think the screws in the rub rail need rebedding) and cleaned the hull a little.

I replaced the propane solenoid first thing only to find some idiot (me) had ordered the wrong voltage so it had to be taken back out and the old one cleaned up and replaced so the bird could join us for dinner!

And what a first dinner it was!

thanksgiving dinner on yume

The best part of the day was definitely going out though. We only have a few more days here as we have to be in west palm beach DEC 20 which is 525 miles away. Since we only do 6-7 miles an hour, and can run about 10 hours at most a day we have to get moving!

learning to cast net for dinner

Ryan got a 6′ cast net and was out as soon as the weather cleared learning how to throw it, and I got up on the bow to test the anchoring systems.

We are all excited to get moving on. Settling down to routines on the boat and learning how to manage three people and one dog in 41 feet is actually easier than we thought. In fact it feels like we have always been here.

Getting more work done online too!

sunset aboard yume
view from aft deck

Plus you just can’t beat those views off the back deck!