Yesterday I was talking to a friend about happiness and money, and realized he did not understand a simple law of the Universe.

This law is as strong as gravity and you can no more ignore this law and be wealthy as you can jump off a tall building and fly!

Wealthy is not to be defined by the amount of money you have alone, money is certainly part of it, but there is much more to wealth. Wealth in relationships, wealth in health, wealth in happiness are all parts of being wealthy.

The law I refer to is this:

What you think about you attract.

In other words, you create your life by your thoughts.

What my friend could not understand is that his persistent dwelling on what he owed to others, how small was his income, the high costs of everything he wished to have – all these thoughts are telling the Universe to bring you more of the same. And the law is:

The Universe will bring you exactly what you think.

Today, pay close attention to your thoughts, and what you say, and do, and really begin to look at what you are asking for. Realize you are creating your life on a minute by minute basis with your thoughts and actions and ask “Am I happy with life I am creating?”

If wealth is a goal in your life, create in your mind, know that it will be a reality, and go about your life actively looking for the opportunities that will be placed in your path. When those opportunities arise, when your intuition says go!, when you get the feeling that says Do it! – take advantage of the Universal Law working in your favor.

Don’t worry, be happy!


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