Who thought you could find happiness in a computer?

Not me. Not until my laptop started dying last week. A computer can definately bring frustration (and fascination) when all of your business comes screeching to a halt.

Building an internet based business means spending a great deal of time online. There are blog posts, newsletters, autoresponders, email to answer, accounting, etc…

So when the machine goes down, everything goes.

But we are back, after a frantic weekend and looking for the good in all this.

Before we get to that though – you might appreciate the problem was my screen kept turning into a rolling black and white scenario which ended with the laptop shutting down and going into a startup/shutdown loop. My computer techie kept it all weekend and could not get it to replicate it even once! So here I sit and type (and try to catch up) and wonder when it might do it again!

Here is my version of the good.

I spend way too much time on the computer. I am addicted. Email especially. Any new mail? Anybody bought anything? Any new requests? Any new comments on the blog? It eats my time up and I wonder why sometimes nothing gets done.

The other realization is I need a solution to computers that is web based. Files, email, and web sites should all be available from any computer anywhere. Next time I go down it shouldn’t matter a bit. That is the next challenge to solve.

Back to work…