After all the hype in elections and election day, John Carlton at provides a refreshing point of view you might enjoy.

You know I love this nation. But I have no illusions that it’s “the people” who make it great. “The people”, in fact, often act like spoiled children or Huns with their blood-lust fired up.No. It’s the Constitution that makes our country great. European revolutions in thought resulted in the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, a mere couple of hundred of years ago… and for the first time in history, regular folks started to consider the implications of true democracy.We are, without doubt, the result of the entire arc of civilization to this point — the wet dream of every poor slob who ever lived under the cruel yoke of a Machiavellian bully — and the reason we’ve been able to buck the natural human trend toward tyranny and enslavement… rests solely with the Consititution and Bill of Rights.We are not exceptional just because we live in North America.We are exceptional because we’ve kept a fragile ideal alive. Despite near constant attempts by even our own neighbors to junk the rights that annoy them. (Not our neighbors in other countries — I’m talking about the people living across the street from you.)

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At any rate, happiness will not be found by getting into arguments about the future, or the past but it might be discovered by looking at the very minute, understanding clearly what is happening and how you are reacting to it, and what you can do to make it better.

Remember finding happiness is an ongoing thing, one that requires constant attention to the present minute so you can continue to create the future you want.

Don’t worry – be happy!


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