For me last week was one of those I am very happy to get out of! As I have said before, without knowing the challenges how can I know the rewards? Lots of rewards coming!

I have mentioned a project slowly working it’s way to you (started several years go) and I have some news on that front.

Two conversations with people I can’t name yet have suddenly propelled this project forward! In a very short time, I will be interviewing on a live teleclass one of THE leading experts on creating happiness and success and you will able to listen in – and even ask questions. Stay tuned!

On another tack, last week a friend called to share some excitement happening in his life. This friend is a lawyer, and a good one. He shared with me his amazement at how good he felt because he was able to actually drive a car into his garage for the first time in two years.

Although he is extremely busy, he had decided one day he was so fed up with not being able to use his garage – to spend six hours cleaning and rearranging so he could.

He was calling not because he had cleaned his garage – he was calling to share how strong the good feelings were when he actually drove in!

Tolerations I told him. You just eliminated a major toleration and you are vibrating at a higher rate than before. That good vibrational feeling is what you are sharing with me. (And I appreciate it! Please share your feelings with me as well!)
I explained that we all vibrate at a certain level (we are all energy after all) and our goal in life at the most basic level is to vibrate at increasingly higher levels.

Tolerations are those things in our life that we want to fix, change or do something about but can never quite get around to it. Finances, time, resources – we have lots of excuses.

However, every toleration is a negative energy in our lives. Remove tolerations and be amazed (like my friend) at the amount of energy you receive.

He called me back the day after I had explained this idea of tolerations to him. He had begun a list (as I suggested) of all the tolerations in his life and pledged to himself to work on removing one toleration every week. He was very excited.
Can you imagine the energy level he will have when he removes the negative energies from those tolerations?

I want for you to be toleration free. Do it.

Don’t worry. Be Happy.


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