I was talking yesterday with someone who said they could not wait for Friday.

This is such a sad thing to hear.

Why in the world would anyone in their right mind consciously choose to participate in a life where they do not want to be five out of every seven days?

Does this not seem patently absurd?

It is so easy for me to make that decision. I simply have to ask myself – “How many Springs do I have left?

If I live to be 80 that means I have less than 30 Springs left! I have used up over 50! And how fast does Spring come? Very fast!

Shoot me if I waste the majority of my life doing something (for what?) I dislike so much I can’t wait to get to the weekend.

Then comes the weekend and I am probably so worn out from fighting with myself that the weekend is spent in activities to make me forget about the last week as well as the week coming up!

One of my strongest and most important Definitions of Success goes like this:
I know I am being succesful when I am excited to jump out of bed every morning!

In other words, if I lay in bed not wanting to get up – I am NOT successful as I define it. Now I am know without a doubt something is wrong in my life and I have to identify and correct it!

Is this not someting you could use in your life to make sure you are doing whatever it takes to makes sure you are successful only as you define it?

I would bet that the person who could not wait for the weekend is working toward success as defined by someone else.

Bad move in my opinion. It is awfully hard to reach the end and realize you had been chasing the wrong thing all that time!

Thnk about it and tell me what you think!


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