Finding happiness can be a long search or a short one.

One of the most powerful lessons I continue to try and learn is this: If you want to know something, find out how from someone who has already paid the price to learn it!

I have lots and lots of scars from paying the costs of lessons much more easily learned by listening and learning from others.

In this online article Melanie T. Lim provides some very good lessons learned when searching for happiness in her life.

No matter how I tried, I realized I could never achieve perfection. I could come close to it but it could never be mine. And then one day, it just hit me—life didn’t have to be perfect for me to arrive at a place of perfection for myself. That’s how I found peace in my life.

Sun.Star Cebu – Lim: Looking for meaning

To find happiness in one’s life is an ongoing challenge, consciously dealt with on a day by day, minute by minute
basis. Finding happiness does not happen instantaneously or even overnight, nor is it neccesarily true that once you do find happiness is stays with you forever.

However – it is completely up to you how much stays with you and for how long.

Thanks Melanie for this reminder of happiness, and what it means. If you visit the site where this article is posted, you will also see that happiness is world wide challenge – one we all share – and can all be part

I wonder. If we all searched for, and worked towards happiness, what would happen to the energy of the world? If it is so negative at the moment – then is it possible we would change that?


If you are searching for happiness, please do not look too hard. Happiness is way too obvious to be found that way. Find someone who is at the stage of happiness you aspire to and ask them how they got there!

Be happy. Your choice.

What do you think?


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