Do you have 20,000 helpers? That is how many men the Inca civilization utilized to move one single block of the tens of thousands of blocks that built the monuments still available to be seen two thousand years later.

How many friends do you have to help you?

As each of us searches for ways to build our dreams sometimes the challenges seem insurmountable. At times it appears we are going backwards faster than forwards. One step up two steps back right? Where is all our help?

In reality, creating a life’s dream can be so challenging most give up and accept a life somewhat less than the dream. There is nothing wrong with accepting less than a dream as long as it is done consciously, and the best is made of what we have.

I want the dream. In fact, the dream burns inside me. I wake in the morning thinking about it. My thoughts, my prayers and the articles I write are all full of my dream. It is called living the dream. If I live my dream, I make my dream reality.

The challenge comes in understanding each day is a part of the dream and there is no point if the journey is over.

Sometimes I look around at half completed projects and wonder how I will ever get done. The next time I check on those half finished projects they are still there. Only the projects are different. There are always more projects and tasks to complete to get to the dream.

We must understand the dream is a movable target. My challenge is remembering it is very difficult to hit a moving target. I have to continue to work on enjoying the journey and not to worry about finding the end.

The Incas with all their help still took centuries to build their empire. Many of the people who began those projects never saw
their completion.

Even if I never see the completion of my current dreams, I vow to make sure the journey is worth the effort.

I can tell you it is the hardest task I have ever undertaken.

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