Skimming through the articles this morning finds not much of interest or unusual or exciting about happiness.

I definitely see a pattern emerging of the scientific community jumping on board the find happiness bandwagon with research, documentation and books galore. Most do not give any specifics, just facts on how to find happiness.

Well for sure facts certainly make me happy! Right.

Here is the deal. Happiness takes work. I know –  who needs more work?

The work I am talking about is change, and sometimes that is the hardest work of all. Nobody wants to change! Especially as we get older and set in our ways.

Unfortunately, being set in our ways is exactly what can make us unhappy. Bcoming bored with life is easy to do when life is a routine. We must break that routine and do different (sometimes radically different) things.

Which of course takes action instead of procrastination.

For instance at 51, gravity is doing its best to move my chest to my stomach area. I am one of the lucky ones who never changes weight (I weigh the same as I did in high school) but it is shifting. I also have not exercised much lately which means I feel much less active and feel much more the aches and pains associated with years of physical activities like rugby, sailing and clearing land for our horse farm.

So – radical action! I joined an over 40 soccer team! I have changed old aches and pains for new ones. However I am meeting some interesting people, rearranging the body movement caused by gravity and too much sitting around, and maybe most importantly – having fun!

Because having fun translates into happiness.

Just one way I am finding happiness today.


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