We are back on the farm (not ours anymore!) finishing the details. Packing up what little we have not already moved to YuMe. Cleaning and getting rid of all the stuff we can’ take.

Some of this kills me. Things we paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars we give away or sell for peanuts. Shelly tells me it is just stuff and let it go. Easy for her to say!

Then there is the fun of dealing with the ‘companies’. Tmobile wants to charge me $800 for canceling a contract after I have been with them 15 years. Nice.  Doing my best to wipe my tracks clean!

Helping the new owners get familiar with running a horse farm has been fun. Each task I do for them (take a load to the dump) is great as it is the last time. The guy at the dump yesterday asked if we were moving when he saw what we were throwing away and when I told him we bought a boat – he said ” I heard about you! You had that horse farm right?” I guess we are locally famous… at the dump anyway 😉

Another interesting project is moving from a desktop of 15 years to an ipad mini and a chromebook. Cleaning off my computer is a trip down memory lane but it is fun deleting all that crap I have been meaning to get to! Liberating sort of!

10 days and counting until we are back on YuMe and can start that new life! Here is what our new car looks like! See it hanging on the stern?