We crossed into Florida late morning.

goose on the loose
beached dingy

Since Goose’s eyes were looking a little more brown than usual, we dropped an anchor off a likely looking beach, dropped the dingy and all went ashore for frolicking, sand spurs and pooping. Not necessarily in that order.

enjoying a sandy beach

BTW we did bring the piece of carpet and slid it under Goose at the perfect moment. It was pretty funny to see him look around with an expression of WTH? You can see me carrying the carpet. Now just picture me running through the sand spurs barefoot chasing Goose while he frantically looks for the ‘perfect’ spot.

Back on the road and another 40 miles brings us to 15 miles north of St. Augustine where we plan to stop tomorrow for fuel, some sewing machine parts and a few other things.

Shelly has a Reads heavy duty sewing machine we have carried around since our first boat Naiad, and needs some parts for it so she can start making canvas for Yume. We need sail covers, a Bimini for the cockpit, motor covers , bike bags and more…

Anchoring was fun tonight as we ran until almost dark, then could not find anywhere off the waterway deep enough. We need at least 6 feet to feel comfortable. So we had to line ourselves up just out of the channel and hold ourselves there with two anchors so we can’t swing out into the Chanel when the tide starts running the other way.

We can see the lights of St Augustine to the south and Jacksonville to the north and it seems every star in the sky is particularly bright this evening. It is warm enough to be outside in a tee shirt and we are all a bit burnt!

launching the dingy

Ryan is learning a lot fast. He is learning how to lower and run the dingy (in a current no less), about anchoring, steering and navigation, radios and engines. Homeschooling?

yume at anchor

So far so good. We want to stop and make Yume pretty cosmetically but we have to keep moving South.

There will be time. One day we will post a picture and the boat accents and canvas will all be navy blue, with proper sail covers, nice woodwork etc.

Even with all of that, we are still very pleased! And very glad to be in Florida!