Our days seem to flow by, as we attempt to reach as many federal employees as possible to tell them about paws4vets, and ask them to consider pledging a part of their paycheck for 2015.

One of the really cool places to find these employees is at the historical sites. The parks are much quieter now as the season is mostly over, the weather is just glorious, and the rangers have time to talk to us.

(I keep having strong urges to say “hey Yogi, the ranger’s not gonna like this”…)

Yesterday we had to leave the boat at 6am to be at the Coast Guard Drydock Yard in Baltimore for a CFC event. We were asked to speak to the group, and Goose put on a great show for them.

Back to the boat by noon, some lunch, and then computer work until our eyes crossed.

Since Ft Washington is literally across the little creek from us we jumped in the car to tour the fort in the late afternoon.

Although very cool, this fort is another example of govt waste. They built this massive fort, and the two times the British came up the river the fort was abandoned without firing a single shot. In 1812 they just ran. In 1814 the officer in charge thought they would lose, so before firing a single shot, he ordered the fort blown up and they ran too! He was courtmartialed.

So the fort has been here since then and we pay to maintain it (somewhat).

Ft McHenry, on the other hand, definatly saw action as the British not only tried to bomb the fort into oblivion for an entire night, but also sent a formidable force overland to take the town from the rear at the same time.

As we all know from the Star-Spangled Banner the fort held, the British called back their ships and infantry and sailed off into the early morning sunrise.

The fort is an amazing place to visit.

We were able to help raise a replica flag that was raised the morning after the bombardment to show the British that the fort was still there. It was especially sewn for that purpose and is huge!

Behind Shelly is the ‘little’ flag coming down…

To date we have made presentations for the Marines at Quantico, the Coast Guard, and the Dept of Defense Inspectors General offices. We leave at 9 this morning for Fredericksburg and Ft Detrick for another presentation. Lots of people to talk to about helping veterans stop committing suicide due to Post Traumatic Stress.

Time is already flying by. The weather has turned cool in the mornings, with highs in the 70’s and it feels like winter is just around the corner. We will stay as long as we feel we can before we have to sail south. (Remember someone has to outside in the cockpit in the weather piloting the boat so we can’t wait too long!)

Time to go to work!