Finding happiness is a subject I am passionate about.

A lot of people share that passion, and I search them out wherever I can.

For the last two years I have also been studying internet marketing from some of the best minds on the interent. One of the best is John Reese.

John created an information product, rolled it out over a perios of time and created over $1 million in revenue – in one week.

John is a cool guy. He shares his knowledge well, and often and I enjoy his articles and his newsletters (paid subscription $99 a month!)

Today he released a video I highly recommend to you. He shares a system he used to go from over $100k in debt ot a slef made millionaire. and he shares it for free. No strings attached.

Click here to get the video. It is an hour long but worth it. He gives some great simple advice and three steps to happiness and success.

I think enough of it to start tomorrow!