When we talk about BeDoHave and how following the formula will help you create the life you want, too many folks would like to believe creating is a passive verb.

Many would be upset if their lives have not changed by week two. After all have they not been meditating? Have they not been writing their wish lists on paper? Why hasn’t the Universe brought them everything they want like lots of money?

You and I know this is not the way it works!

To Have what you want (or need for that matter) the Universe works when you do. There is another crucial element in that the more specific you are in communicating your wants and dreams to the Universe the better an anwer you will receive.

That will bring us back to practical steps, like budgets and planning.

In our family we have completed our tax preparations and they are in the hands of the accountant. The budgets are completed for 2007 based on 2006 numbers plus the changes we want and expect. We have filled in our calendar for the year as much as possible including three vacations to different places we want to go.

We are in continuing discussions to create the life we will be living in one year, three years, five years.

If we don’t set the desired end destination now, how do we know what course to steer? We don’t.

Some would say such planning takes the fun out of the journey.

I disagree. I would much rather have planned for something I want to do, be working toward that end, and ask the Universe to help provide that result or something better. In that way we can always make changes in the direction opportunities bring to us.

The key is to be moving forward all the time. To have a vision of an outcome might be one of the most important tasks we can do for ourselves.

Once you have a vision, set a plan for obtaining it, set measurements or benchmarks so you know you are getting there, and reward yourself for your achievements!

Don’t forget that once you set all this in motion the Universe has no choice but to help you achieve it.

How cool is that?

Till next time,

Don’t worry, be happy!


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