Well, for me anyway happiness is a great ski day! Last week we took our planned mini vacation during the week.

It turned out to be a great couple of days to get away and get refreshed and spend time with family and friends.

Several things apply here in regards to happiness.

First, if we had not planned this trip during our annual planning session in January, we probably would not have gone. Somehow stuff always seems to come up right when you want to leave. If we had not booked the room, and cleared our calendars far in advance, it is very possible I would not be writing this post.

Is happiness planned?

To a certain extent yes. We create happiness as we create our lives. Even though happiness is an internal job, the job is much easier when the external perceptions match the idea of happiness as defined by you.

This is what I mean. I love to ski. I love to be outside on a cold day, with a bright blue sky after a cold front, with soft powdery snow and no lift lines! Just thinking about this brings a smile to my face.  The reality should be that much stronger -and it is!

I can wait around and ask the Universe to provide that reality – or I can do my best to create it and let the Universe help with the details.

By planning this trip, thinking and talking about what I wanted, and just taking action towards the end result I am creating my life – and my happiness.
I have no control over the weather, how many people will be there, what the mountain, equipment, or lodge is like or anything else.
However I do believe with all my heart that since I am creating my life, and I did picture what it would be like – that the Universe provides that – or better.

For instance. There was no one at the mountain. We basically had it all to ourselves – for 3 days! When we got there on Tuesday it had been raining off and on all day. 10 minutes after we got there the rain ended and it was a great night to get started for the boys.

A cold front came through and by Thursday we were skiing under a gorgeous blue sky, with light snow on the ground.  Perfect skiing! The lodge people were extra friendly and even offered discounts not normally available.

Now why did all this happen? Because I expect it. And I am grateful for it -even before I get it.

What does this mean to you? May I suggest there are two parts to creating your life how you want it.

First there is the ‘hard’ part. That is the working or process part. I use the same process to coach whether you are a business or an individual. There are four parts but we will talk about just two.

Vision. You MUST have a very clearly defined vision of what you want to achieve. Visions come in many forms from simple goal type visions to what will be different in the world once you have achieved your vision.
Process. How are you going to get to your vision? What steps must you take, how will you take them and how long do you need to reach this vision?

If you have a vision and the process to achieve it, you are well on your way.
The ‘soft’ part is just as important and might be harder to do. The soft part is understanding about your values and your definitions of what make you successful. It is also understanding your role in the universe and the crucial idea that you and only you create your life.

When you are able to merge the hard and the soft skills together, amazing things begin to happen for you.

Happiness is just one of them!

 Don’t worry -Be happy!




p.s. If you are having trouble creating the life you want – let me help!