When I began writing articles and sending them out seven years ago, who would have thought there would be a thing called ‘blogging’ and a whole new world opening up of earning an income using a medium called the internet?

Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding here, I am not saying the internet is a where you can create income – it simply provides a new method of reaching clients and customers.

Four years ago, we bought a house and 10 acres outside Atlanta and set out to build a working horse farm.  At the time our long term vision was a horse ranch in southern Colorado – sort of a ‘dude’ ranch for guests to visit the great outdoors, learn about themselves through programs we would offer.

So the ten acres was to be a pilot project. Could we build a horse ranch business? Would we like it? Was it feasible on a big scale?

Yes, we could build it. (You can visit us at www.highcountrystables.com)

Yes, we could make it work. We have been very successful. (Give huge credit to my wife, her personality and her love for horses.)

And yes, we are fairly sure it would be successful on a bigger scale.

But there is a small challenge. I love to sail. In sailboats we live on out in the ocean. And visit lots of places I have never been.

Plus our boys are growing up quickly. The oldest just turned 16. How much time before the fumes get him? (Car fumes and perfume)

I want him to know the sailing life before he goes, and I can sure use the help on a boat!

Which brings us back to the internet, this blog and the last seven years of articles.

I have invested a ton of time and energy into learing this thing called the internet. I have always been intrigued by the possibilities inherent in operating a business model that cares not where you are physically.

Like most things worth having, learning to create an income online is a huge challenge- but one well worth the work.

Changes are coming soon.

I love change!