Sometimes I go on and on about finding happiness and contentment where some might think I am just bubbling with joy every minute.

Not exactly.

You see, surely I am not that much different from you. Are you bubbling with joy every minute!

This weekend has me thinking this morning I would love to just pack and leave! Hit the road. Go do something new!

Computer issues, business challenges (all three businesses), kids sick, etc. Sometimes it seems to all pile up on us.

When I tell people we lived and traveled on a sailboat for seven years the one consistant question I would get is: Were you in any storms? Was it bad?

Yes and yes.

But – I explain – the storms are what makes the great part so great. Being anchored all by ourselves on some little island with a perfectly white beach, the water lapping at the shore, the sun setting in a blaze of glory and all the world at peace.

See, without the storms, the beach is the same old thing – just another beach. You have to have the ups to have the downs. You must have the good to know the bad. You must understand the simply awful to fully appreciate the perfectly wonderful.

So today I suck it up and go minute by minute doing the best I can, and keeping as positive as possible under the circumstances.

Because I know later today, tomorrow, or soon I will have had the expereince of today to allow me to more fully appreciate the wonders to come!

And you?

Don’t worry! Be happy.


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